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Miguelito's Journal

20th May, 2010. 9:16 am. Research Research Research

I have come to the conclusion that you can never get enough sleep since this morning coming on the redline subway I was trying to catch a few zzz's before getting to downtown LA and was not that successful. I get caught up in the coming and goings of the passengers and especially if someone is going to sit with me I like to see at least who they are of course.
I have been casting out my research to the far areas of Luxembourg France and Belgium in located those that left the ancestral village of Schockville, Luxembourg. These are the children that end up marrying and moving away to other villages. I have located a brother of Dominique Beckerich who stayed behind in Europe when his brother left for America in 1863 to begin his new life with his family in Shakopee Minnesota. I have come to the point after his and his wife's death that I am now tracking the children who marry and the children they have as well till the 1890's
I hope to access maybe current generations if I can

Current mood: calm.

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31st October, 2006. 7:37 pm. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!

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15th October, 2006. 4:07 pm. Someone put out the Fire!

Superman has a new occupation......

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4th July, 2006. 1:25 pm. Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth of July! Today is so hot and everyone is off from work and luckly it will be a short work week. I finally finished my taxes and sent them off to my accountant. I always wait till the last minute and this four day vacation was a perfect time to get them done. We recently merged with another office located in London and the company has expanded by leaps and bounds as well as the work load.
I went to the family history center in Century City and met up with Fay and got back into the groove of researching the family history. Its been a while since I been back and I recognized the same die hards who manage to show up week after week. I tried my hand at researching the old french records on microfilm from the Civil Register from the early 1800's going foward...need to brush up on the french again.

Current mood: nostalgic.

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3rd July, 2006. 11:04 am. Daniel's Birthday

Well my nephew Daniel will be three years old tomorrow and I ordered a little surprise to be delivered today to my sisters house. I talked with her yesterday and she has no clue its coming since I want to surprise both of them. My sister and her husband got Daniel this car that they been hiding from him as well as this bouncer that has slides and compartments to hide and play in.
The weather has been so warm lately and I cant say I like the heat since its been hadr to sleep at night and this morning I woke up early. I think that my inner clock thinks its a work day but luckily we dont go back till Wednesday so I can lazily progress with my day as I please....we like these days!
I have to get a hold of my father and see how far he has gotten on varnishing and sanding the floors in his upper duplex. He started the project a month ago and has been at it when he can and when you are retired that is a nice pace...

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16th April, 2006. 3:43 pm. Taxes

I filed extensions as usual for my taxes since I never seem to have everything prepared ontime. Its not that I don't want to do them its just a dreaded duty.
Today in downtown Los Angeles the weather has been sunny and warm and not all this rain the weather man was talking about.
I was missing the Library this weekend with continuing my geneology research and the progress I have made these past couple of years not to mention the people I met who are related to me. These really brought me closer to my grandparents and it was good because we kept in contact for more before they passed. I miss them but am glad the time I had with them.
I really wish I could find my Grandfather and have contacted various St. Paul, Minnesota Adoptive agencies. I have the paperwork to begin but need my mother's signature to proceed as her agent.
I have been checking out apartment rents around Los Angeles just to see how far off I am paying the amount I pay in the Valley. I see that since I have rent control my price is very good. I do however want to see how much I would have to pay if I buy a condo in the same area.
I went to subway for Lunch today and tried one of their new sandwiches and it wasn't bad. If I work on Sundays they dont have a lot of choices near the Wellsfargo Center to pick from.

Current mood: amused.

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3rd April, 2006. 5:39 pm. whats up!

Just another maniac Monday

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11th February, 2006. 12:18 pm. Saturday

Lately I have been at a lost in what direction to go with my research and I have missed several weeks at the library which is strange since I have been going for about two years now. I have to remember to extend my microfilm I ordered so it doesn't get set back to Salt Lake City and I wasted my money renting it. You never know what you will find on a film that wil break down a brick wall in the research.
Last night I had such strange dreams but then again I have been fighting a cold lately so it could of been because of that. I know at one point in a dream I knew it wasn't real and kept telling myself that I was only dreaming and woke myself up.
I have to call me mother again and check up on her condition as it hopefully will be better news. This past year and now have been a struggle for her and I admire her courage.

Current mood: determined.

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3rd January, 2006. 5:54 pm. re: St. Mark's Fire

I was surfing to find out information re a church in Shakopee, Minnesota where alot of the Beckrich surname family originated and found this interesting story on the church they attended since moving to that city:
St. Mark's Church Fire
Wednesday, August 31, 2005. St. Mark's Catholic Church, down in Shakopee, burned a week ago. Happily, on one was hurt, and stained glass windows installed around WWI were saved. The 1,500 parish families had spent $1 million fixing the exterior of the church, and put in new air conditioning and heating. Now it will take about 2 years to fix the church again. KSTP, down in the Metro area, said that folks wanting to help could send donations to:
St. Mark's Fire Restoration Fund
c/o Voyager Bank
500 Marshall Road, Shakopee, MN 55379

Current mood: good.

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25th December, 2005. 1:50 pm. Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all and to my family and friends this year for 2005! Its funny since in my head its 2006 since when I go to write checks my hand always wants to write 2006...am I getting ahead of myself or what?
Good news from home my mothers illness looks like its getting better from what the doctor has seen and so this alone is the best christmas gift I could receive..thank you for this!
Today I opened two gifts from my co-worker and he really has good taste and such a generous person and I thank you so much for being a friend!
I heard back finally from Anton in Kiev, Ukraine again. Its been so hard to get a hold of him since he has taken a new job in Kiev and cannot search the archives during the week like he used to. The archives are closed on the weekend so we have come up with another possible plan of the archivist being able to assist with the project as well. The thing that would really helps us create a connection to the Horbachs is them being able to recreate the tree and for us then to be able to find the connection between us. I get excited to find more information but remember to remain patient as these things will be revealed with time. Thanks Anton for your help so far.
I have not finished shopping for thr Holiday but what is new with that. I have been doing everything online since everyone lives out of town and its easier for the company you buy from for them to have to worry about that. Still there are some parts that I will have to be sent to work where I can reassemble different orders and then repackage to be sent out again to variuos addresses.
Before I forget I need to remember to go to Chinatown and get those photos developed of what was sent to me on various relatives and then resend them back as they are originals. I want to as a favor create a CD for the lady that sent them as a gift for her generous nature...thank you again!

Current mood: grateful.

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